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Secret Garden Tour

The Secret Garden Tour is a seasonal experience, offered from June 1 through September 30, Mondays - Saturdays at 10:30am. The fee per person is $65.

The tour begins with an hour-long exploration of Hill Family Farms, an idyllic 1.3 acre oasis hidden within the little town of Yountville, about 5 minutes from the Hill Family Estate tasting room in downtown Yountville. The verdant plot brims with more than 120 different kinds of fruit trees, including 10 varieties of figs, 10 varieties of pears, 15 varieties of peaches, and dozens of other unusual fruits, plus a wide range of vegetables, herbs and 25 different culinary flowers. Highlights include tastings of fresh-plucked delights like peach leaves, which smell like amaretto when crushed.

Guests will also discover pineapple guava blossoms, miniature white strawberries and, depending on the time of year, free-range, farm-raised certified organic snails. The produce from the farm is used by only four restaurants, all of them Michelin Starred, including The French Laundry. If you love food (and wine!) and gardening, this tour will enlighten and delight your appreciation of all three.

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