Ryan Hill always stated that if you want to dream in color, drink wine. This dream soon became a reality for Hill Family Estate when winemaker Alison Doran joined the team and made the inaugural 2001 vintage. Alison was introduced to Doug while he was growing grapes and she was making wine for Lewis Cellars.

Doug loved Alison’s style, personality and determination to produce the finest wines possible. Alison developed this skill while being mentored by renowned wine expert and leader among the best wineries in napa, Andre Tchelistcheff, completing a degree in winemaking from UC Davis and spending time in the legendary winery-filled region of Alsace, France. Today, Doug and Alison work closely together selecting the highest quality grapes and producing ultra premium wines.



Jean Hoefliger joined the winemaking team in 2018. Jean is an artisan inherently driven to push the envelope, continually challenging the cognizance of, not only winemaking, but life in general. With an insatiable appetite for art, philosophy, and a good discussion, Jean thrives when his creativity and passion are left unbound by conventional thinking. Whether in the vineyard, at the winery, home, or around the table with friends – old and new – Jean brings these pursuits alive with playful banter and endearing jokes.

The best wineries in Napa are often the ones who stay true to their roots.

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