Our Family

Sharing the Experience

After three decades of farming grapes for some of Napa Valley's finest wine producers, Doug and the family decided that their family should enter the wine business.

Our Vineyards

12 Vineyards, 120 Acres

Doug planted his first vineyards in the Napa Valley in 1984; 13 acres in Carneros that would be named Beau Terre Vineyard ("beautiful land").

Upcoming Events

2016 Mediterranean Wine Cruise 

Hill Family Estate is teaming up with Laird Family Estate & Oceania Cruises to offer a 10 day wine cruise, July 10-20, 2016, on their newest ship, Riviera.

2002 Beau Terre Vineyard Merlot

“I normally do not get this excited over California Merlot, but I must say
the Hill Family Estate’s Merlot from their Beau Terre Vineyard is an
impressive effort that ages beautifully.” -Robert M. Parker,The Wine Advocate

Limited Edition Release

Learn more about our new wine benefitting the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts and secure your allocation today.

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